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Sydney Parade, Irish Patriot

Sydney Parade was one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising who was honoured by the new state in having a South Dublin train station named after him.

sydney 2018
As we approach the centenary of 1916 it is now surely time properly to honour a great patriot unfairly slighted by the new state. It was common to name train stations after our heroes. Fine big city stations were named after Pádraig Pearse, James Connolly and Seán Heuston. One hero, however, was slighted by having a hole-in-the-wall, drive through, suburban station named after him. This was an insult to the great Sydney Parade who has been turning in his grave.

There is no point in compounding offence by swapping names at this stage, i.e. calling, say, Pearse Station Sydney Parade and vice versa. Devotees of Pearse would see it as a downgrade. Moreover, since it would be a waste of money to build a large, new, city centre train station purely for the purpose of commemoration, the best course would be sharing. There are three great train stations and four great patriots. We could therefore rotate the names annually; every year the three biggies would carry the names of three of the four greats and the hero left out would have the present Sydney Parade named after him. That is to say, in a four year cycle starting with 2016 the drive through, suburban station would be named thus: Pádraig Pearse (2016), James Connolly (2017), Seán Heuston (2018), Sydney Parade (2019) and back to Pádraig Pearse (2020).

Tiocfaidh ár Sydney arais!

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